A Variety of Accommodation Options When Visiting Jakarta

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As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is equipped with adequate facilities. Not only tourist attraction, mall, and transportation which are complete, but Jakarta also provides a variety of accommodation options for tourists. Ranging from cheap to expensive price, and simple to fancy facility are available in Jakarta. Along with the development of technology, without coming or calling directly, people can book a hotel room from the internet. The following accommodation options can be an alternative for you when visiting Jakarta:


  1. Hotel

There are so many hotels available in Jakarta ranging from one-star to five-star hotel. Generally, the hotel provides adequate facilities like the strategic location close to the center of crowds, speedy internet connection, a clean room, full of privacy, private bathroom, free breakfast, swimming pool, gym, and other facilities. Besides it, a hotel can be booked directly or suddenly for 7/24 hours as long as the empty room is still available.

However, considering the complete facilities, of course, the hotel fee will be more expensive than the other accommodation options. If you are going to vacation with family and expect better convenience then you should book a hotel room. There are a lot of hotels in Jakarta close to the tourist attractions like Borobudur hotel which is close to Monas, Hotel De Rivier which is close to Kota Tua, Aston Marina Jakarta hotel which is close to Ancol Dreamland, Hotel Indonesia which is located in the center of the city, and the other hotels.

  1. Hostel

Unlike the hotel, a hostel is categorized as the budget-oriented accommodation. It means the rates is much more inexpensive than a hotel. The hostel is usually sought out by a backpacker or limited-budget traveler. But, it doesn’t mean the facilities is much worse. Some hostels nowadays also provide adequate facilities and able to give you comfort like a hotel. Even, some hostels also offer the accommodation in the concept of dorm or capsule. Eventually, you will share a room with other people you don’t know before.

When booking a hostel, you will be given a room key and a locker key. Because the privacy and security are less intact then you should put your belongings in the provided locker. Some hostels with cheap rates in Jakarta are Six Degrees Hostel, Kamar-Kamar Hostel, Hunny Hostel, The Packer Lodge, Capsule Hotel Old Batavia, Wisma Djengger, and much more.

  1. Apartment

Considering the area of Jakarta is increasingly limited, no wonder the apartment is flourishing everywhere. If In the past the apartment was only used as a residence, a lot of owners currently rent out their apartment. You can rent the apartment daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. There are many types of rented apartment like studio room which only have one room or other types which have two or more rooms.

Almost all the apartments have adequate facilities and seem luxurious. Also facilitated by a kitchen and private bathroom. The apartment even has other facilities like gym, swimming pool, mall, restaurant, and supermarket located on the ground floor. Every owner usually has different rules you should follow. But, the rules will not burden you. When you rent it, you will be given a key and access to get in or out the building by the owner. Just for your information, you should contact the owner long before you book the apartment. Some websites and smartphone apps can help you to find the rented apartment in Jakarta.

  1. Boarding Room (Kamar Kost)

Basically, boarding room (kamar kost) is similar to an apartment, but you just rent a room without a kitchen and private bathroom. Boarding room is usually rented by a student coming from the other cities. The rent fee that is much more inexpensive becomes their consideration to stay at a boarding room rather than an apartment. When an empty room is available, the owner of boarding house will rent it out for daily or weekly until he gets permanent tenant.

If your holiday budget in Jakarta is very limited, renting a boarding room is the right choice. Despite cheap, you will get full privacy because you don’t share a room with a stranger. Looking for information about a rented boarding room is not a peace of cake, but Google will help you find it out. A lot of the owners advertise their boarding house on the particular websites or smartphone apps. Another way is visiting the area around the universities in Jakarta, there will be a lot of boarding house rentals.

  1. House Rent

Another accommodation option in Jakarta is a house or room rental for daily and weekly. Like an apartment, but the whole house is rented including all rooms and furniture, or you can also rent only one room. By the owner, you will be given the keys and other access.

Sometimes the owner rents out only one room. It means you’ll stay with the owner family inside the house. If you come from other countries, of course, it will very beneficial for you because you will experience living along with Indonesian family. A way to find the service of house rental in Jakarta is by using AirBnB or other similar application.

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