Preparation Before You Go to Bandung

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Persiapan Mengunjungi Bandung

Bandung is an attractive city that should be visited by the tourist. The location is very strategic in the mountainous area causing the temperature so cool. Besides having adequate facilities, Bandung has a variety of unique tourist attractions. When you are visiting Indonesia, don’t forget to stop by here. Do the following things before you go to Bandung!

When the best time to go?

As one of holiday destination cities, no wonder at a certain time Bandung is crowded by the tourists, especially weekend or long holiday. Instead of jostling one another, you are better coming on weekdays or outside the holidays. You can notice the calendar to check the national or school holidays in Indonesia in order to set the best time to go. Generally, school holiday happens for two weeks every semester, specifically on first July and end December. To check other holidays, please visit the following link!!!

In addition, also consider the weather and climate in Indonesia. Indonesia is literally a tropical country that only has two seasons: dry and wet season. The wet season happens at the beginning of the year and dry season in the middle of the year. When wet season coming, of course, it’s rainy along the day, causing the flood at some areas. You’ll get hard to go outside during the wet season.

How do you go to Bandung?

Going from your country, the closest international airport is Soekarno-Hatta located in Tangerang, Indonesia. From that airport, there are several ways you can choose. First, taking airport taxi or Damri bus heading to Gambir station in Jakarta, then continued by getting on the train to Bandung. Second, taking the Primajasa bus or travel car from the airport that directly leading you to Bandung.

The Currency in Bandung

The currency of Indonesia is Rupiah. All the transaction in Bandung also uses Rupiah. So, you should exchange money into Rupiah from your home country, but some places in Indonesia also provide money exchanger in the denominations you want. Rupiah consists of coins in the denominations of 100, 200, 500, and 1000 rupiah, and banknotes in the denomination of 1000, 2000, 5000, 10.000, 20.000, 50.000, and 100.000 Rupiah. The exchange rates of Rupiah (IDR) against American Dollar (USD) is usually around Rp. 13.000. for further information, please check XE XE Currency Converter!

If you are lazy bringing cash, some shopping centers in Bandung have used other payment system like e-money, debit card, or credit card.

Indonesian rupiah banknotes of various denominations are arranged for a photograph in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2013. Indonesia’s rupiah weakened by the most in six months on concern the government’s failure to meet its spending target last year will hamper economic growth and damp demand for local assets. Photographer: Dimas Ardian/Bloomberg

Indonesian language and Sundanese languange

Actions to intensify English skill begin to be implemented in Indonesia. However, it is not necessarily causing all Indonesians, especially Bandung citizen, capable of speaking English fluently. Considering Indonesian native language is Bahasa, not much Bandung citizen able to speak in English.

Coupled with Sudanese language that becomes Bandung’s local language, you will be surely more difficult to communicate. It is better you learn the short conversation of Bahasa before visiting Bandung. But do not worry, body language is still useable!

Immigration, passport, and visa

Entering Indonesia legally, people should have passport and visa. Fortunately, Indonesia government gives Visa Exemption freely for 169 countries. The visa is usable to live in Indonesia for 30 days, yet couldn’t be extended or transferred to another kind of stay permits. For further information, please visit Indonesia immigration’s website.

Even though some cities in Indonesia are not too strict for the foreigner, do not forget to always carry your passport and visa out when visiting Bandung. Especially when booking a hotel room, passport and visa are required! Furthermore, international driver permit and license is a must if you want to rent a car and then drive it yourself.

Mobile Communication

To call and access the internet, you can use unlocked phone that operates on GSM or 4G network (frequency 900/1800 MHz). After arriving in Indonesia, you should immediately buy a SIM card so your phone can be connected to Indonesia provider. There are some providers you can choose: Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, and Three. All operators operate all around Indonesia, including Bandung.

Along the street, there is a lot of outlets sell the SIM card for your phone. At Soekarno-Hatta airport even has some outlets selling that SIM card. However, each provider provides different cost. Just for information, Indonesian call the handphone as hp (pronounced “ha-pei”) and credit as pulsa (pronounced “pool-sa”).


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