Itinerary For Holiday in Jakarta

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Itinerary Untuk Berlibur di Kota Jakarta

Jakarta becomes the center of economic in Indonesia. Besides modern and equipped with a variety of facilities, Jakarta has a lot of tourist attractions you should visit. If you are planning to spend a holiday in Jakarta, don’t forget to make itinerary before you go. The following lists are some tourist attractions in Jakarta you can put on your itinerary:


  1. Monas (National Monument)

Monas or National Monument was built to recall the struggle of our heroes when gaining the independence day. The height of the monument is up to 132 meter, where on the top there is a flame made of gold. On the ground floor, you will find Museum of Indonesian National History that displays the diorama of hero’s struggle. Besides the museum, there is also a lift to transport you to the top of Monas. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Jakarta from above.

If you’re interested, National Monument opens every day from 8 AM to 3 PM. The entrance ticket is quite cheap, only IDR 5000 / person. While for using the lift, it cost IDR 10.000. It is affordable, isn’t it?


  1. Istiqlal Mosque

In Arabic, “Istiqlal” means freedom. Literally, Istiqlal Mosque is indeed built as a symbol of gratefulness for the Indonesian independence. The design itself is a combination between architectural of Indonesia, Europe, and the Middle East so it looks very classic but still modern. The wall and the floor are covered by marble, the geometric ornament made of steel also adds the beauty of Istiqlal Mosque. When the mosque is used to pray together, the mosque can accommodate more than 200.000 people.

Interestingly, Istiqlal Mosque is located beside Catedral which has classical architecture typical of Europe. It is intended as a symbol religious tolerance. The mosque is recently fulfilled by the tourists who want to do religious holiday. Not only for Moslem, others are even allowed to take a picture around the mosque.


  1. Cathedral

Not far from Istiqlal Mosque, there is Cathedral. Jakarta Cathedral is the first Catholic Church in the area of Batavia. Like the other old church architectures in Europe, Jakarta Cathedral follows Neo-Gothic architecture. When you see it from above, the sketch of the church like a big cross with 60-meter length and 20-meter width. On the great day of Catholic people, this church is fulfilled by the Catholics who want to pray.

Besides as a place to pray, the church also has a museum on the inside. The museum of Cathedral is located on the balcony. A lot of things display on the museum like the relics of Catholic rituals, such as the silver cups, hats and robes of the Dutch East Indies and Indonesian Archbishops and Cardinals. The total is up to 400 collections, fairly complete to tell the history of Roman Catholicism in Indonesia.


  1. National Museum of Indonesia

National Museum of Indonesia or Elephant Museum is the first and the biggest museum in South East Asia. It is located close to National Monument (Monas), specifically on Medan Merdeka Barat street. There are thousands of historical objects displayed at the museum. All the collections are classified into 7 categories: prehistory, history, archeology, numismatics-heraldic, ceramics, ethnography, and geography.


However, the most interesting collection is the Bhairawa statue with 414 cm height, and also becomes the biggest statue at National Museum. If you are interested, you can walk here from Monas because both are neighboring. The museum opens every Tuesday – Sunday at 8 AM – 4 PM. The ticket is inexpensive, only IDR5000 (adult) and IDR2000 (children).


  1. The Old Town of Jakarta (Kota Tua)

Kota Tua is an area typically having the feel of old Jakarta. Several buildings keep the architecture of Dutch east indies so people who come as if got back to the past. Besides presenting the old buildings, it also has landmarks compulsory to visit like Fatahilla museum, Wayang museum, Art & Ceramics museum, Sunda Kelapa harbor, and Toko Merah. All landmarks are rich of history probably adding your insights.

For those who are passionate about photography, they can find a lot of spots with the background of the old town of Jakarta. When coming to the old town, you can stop by classical restaurants like Batavia cafe or Gazebo cafe. The street foods are also a must like gado-gado, soto betawi, and kerak telor. Entering the old town of Jakarta, you are not charged for anything except the entrance ticket of some museums.


  1. Fatahillah Museum

Do you want to learn about the history of Batavia? Fatahillah museum will be best for you. Still located in the old town area, the museum adopts the neo-classic architecture. It looks like the Dam palace in Amsterdam. The building used to be a town hall back then, becoming a museum now.

The museum has thousand of historic collections, around 23.500 collections. Some of them are the replica of Tarumanagara and Pajajaran heritage, the long history of Batavia, the results of archaeological excavations, antique furniture, and the collections about Betawi culture. You just pay IDR5000 (adult), IDR3000 (student), and IDR2000 (children) to enter Fatahillah museum. When you are inside, you must take off shoes considering the floor made of 17th-century wood. It can be eroded easily by the shoe soles.


  1. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

As the family Attractions, TMII is felicitous to become holiday destinations with family. The place is fulfilled by the children and student, especially when school break or other holidays. By visiting TMII, you can Observe the overall Indonesian culture Because It has pavilions of each province that showcase Reviews their culture. There are Also a lot of museums at TMII that indeed adds your knowledge about Indonesia.

From above gondola, you can see a very big replica of the Indonesian archipelago. Moreover, there are some amusements like the palace of Indonesian kids, Keong Mas, Among Putro Park, Ria Atmaja park, Snow Bay swimming pool, tourism village, and much more. To enter the gate, you just pay the ticket for IDR 10.000. However, entering every museum on the inside will be charged additional at varying prices.

  1. Ancol Dreamland

Used to be called as Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, but familiar as Ancol Dreamland now.  Every day, Ancol Dreamland is never empty, always fulfilled by either local or foreigner. Ancol Dreamland is located in the coastal of North Jakarta, very strategic and reachable by using any transportation.

Like Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Ancol Dreamland is compatible for any age. There are a lot of entertainments and amusement parks in Ancol Dreamland area like Dunia Fantasi, Ocean Dream Samudra, Atlantis Water Adventure, Ocean Eco Park, Pasar Seni, Taman Pantai, Ancol Beach City, SeaWorld, Gondola, Faunaland, and Alive museum. Entering Ancol Dreamland, you just pay only IDR25.000. However, the entrance ticket for other entertainments and amusement parks is a bit expensive, for instance, the regular ticket (weekend) for Dunia Fantasi is IDR 295.000, Ocean Dream Samudra is IDR 130.000, Atlantis is IDR 130.000, and SeaWorld is IDR 100.000.

  1. Kebun Binatang Ragunan

Ragunan is the first zoo in Indonesia established in 1864. Ragunan has various kinds of animals consist of up to 295 species and 4040 specimens. In addition, the area of Ragunan Zoo is also covered by more than 50.000 vegetations, making the place so shady and natural. Ragunan is best as the child education facilities to know more about animal life. They can see a lot of animals directly, of course, it has a fence that will protect them.

The entrance ticket is only IDR 4000/adult and IDR 3000/children. There are also some entertainments you can choose like riding camel, horse-drawn carriage, double bicycle, mini zoo, the performing animal, and others.

The gate of Ragunan Zoo, South Jakarta. The gate design took cue from traditional Java-Bali split gate Candi Bentar, however the gate took form of two large bird facing eachother. The front of the gate is tha statue of Orangutan, one of the most important primate species in Indonesia.

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