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Paris van Java is the alias name of Bandung. Besides famous for the center of fashion in West Java, Bandung also possesses thousands of interesting places that worth a visit. Exploring tourist attractions in Bandung one after one doesn’t have an end. Constantly emerging new destination per annum that becomes a magnet for locals and foreigners. If you’re planning to visit Bandung, the following is the destinations that must be added to your itinerary:

1. Gunung Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban Perahu is an active volcano located in North Bandung. If only viewed from afar, the shape resembles an upside down boat with a flat peak. The crater scenery with the strong smell of sulfur is typical of Tangkuban Perahu mountain.

2. De Ranch

Do you want to ride a horse like a cowboy? Please stopping by De Ranch at Lembang, Bandung. Besides having American livestock view, De Ranch also provides lovely scenery. As far as you can see, there will be lines of trees, hills, and mountains.

3.Floating Market

Still in the area of Lembang, north Bandung, you are able to stop by here to get lunch. The concept of Floating Market is like a food court consisting of boats offering different menu. Besides having a unique place, the scenery is also a winner.

4. Dusun Bambu

While De Ranch offers cowboy atmosphere, Dusun Bambu offers Indonesian village atmosphere instead. There is a lot of facilities available like villa, restaurant, and Pasar Khatulistiwa. However, the most popular place at Dusun Bambu is Lutung Kasarung restaurant that has unique design and concept as if it was a birds nest in the tree.

5. FarmHouse Lembang

Another interesting place is FarmHouse that identic with European village view. The buildings which are designed like Europe becomes the most favorite photo background at FarmHouse. Furthermore, it also has the Hobbit house with very small size. You have to bow to enter the Hobbit house.

6. Tebing Keraton

From above the Keraton cliff, you can enjoy the green scenery. Not a city gleaming, but a forest view that is very spectacular! If you are coming before sunrise, the panorama is more beautiful. Complemented with sunrise covered by fog and the cold penetrating your bones. Perhaps this is the best place to enjoy the sunrise in Bandung.

7. Pemandian Air Panas Sari Ater

Because located on the montanous area, the average temperature of Bandung is under 200 celsius. The cold temperature will be gone immediately when soaking at Sari Ater hot spring. The location of Sari Ater is so close to Tangkuban Perahu mountain. There is natural pond made of stones and the warm-water swimming pool.

8. Kawah Putih

Not only North Bandung that provides diverse tourist attractions, but South Bandung also does the same like White Crater and others. White Crater is actually a lake containing white-milk water full of sulfur. On a certain time, the water changes into green, depending on the level of sulfur on the inside.

9. Situ Patenggang

Apart from White Crater, South Bandung also has another lake, that is Situ Patenggang. The view around is so exotic and beautiful, added by the expanse of the green tea garden. Uniquely, there is an island resembling heart shape and a love stone on the middle of the lake. People say anyone who circles the island will be rewarded eternal love at a later time.

10. Stone Garden

Stone Garden is a geopark with the landscape of limestone hills. There is a lot of the towering limestones in the area of Stone Garden. Unfortunately, this beautiful destination that located at West Bandung has not been managed seriously by the government of Bandung. The access way heading here is a bit hard, and lack of facility.

11. The Lodge Maribaya

The Lodge Maribaya becomes the newest holiday destination in Bandung. Lines of pine trees around The Lodge Maribaya effects the place become so popular. The popularity can even overpower Keraton Cliff. In addition to camp inside the unique tent, you can also ride sky swing, zip bike, mountain wing, or take the picture above tree house.

12. Trans Studio Bandung

Bandung is not only famous for the beautiful nature view, but the downtown also has interesting places, one of them is the biggest indoor theme park in Indonesia, that is Trans Studio Bandung. Due to the indoor location, inside Trans Studio Mall, you don’t need to bask in the sun when queuing the ticket. There are a lot of rides you must try at Trans Studio Bandung.

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13. Asia Afrika and Braga Street

The last destination that compulsory to put on the itinerary in Bandung is the area around Asia Afrika and Braga street. The dutch heritage buildings keep maintained along those streets. Not far, there is also Masjid Agung Bandung, Alun-Alun Bandung, and Asia-Afrika museum that becomes history witness of the first Asia-Africa Conference in Indonesia.


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