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Car Rental Bali • Cheap Car Rental in Bali | Karental.ID

Car Rental Bali - Explore Bali with Karental.ID, wide selection of cars and the best price to get around and experience the true beauty of Bali

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If you are thinking of a holiday in Bali, you can do it with your own freedom with Car Rental Bali. Whether you want to adventure, fishing, relax on Kuta beach until you are satisfied, or simply enjoy the scenery, Bali offers some of the best vacation locations in the world. Car rental Bali is an affordable and practical way to enjoy Bali - you can go where you want, whenever you want! From the stunning Agung Mountain, the beautiful waterfalls and lush tropical countryside, to the cultural center for shopping, dining and relaxation are all available in Bali.

Instantly select a car rental vehicle from Karental.ID and drive to stunning Ubud, stop on the way to enjoy the scenery and picnic at one of the many tourist destinations on the island. Enjoy colorful sunsets and wonderful cuisine as you explore Bali or visit Garuda Wisnu Kencana to get some unforgettable experiences of the nation's artwork, and - of course see Bali's unrivaled beauty in the world. If the cultural and historical sites in Bali are more suited to your liking, you definitely have plenty of options.

Why not visit Pura Tanah Lot, the world-renowned Pura Besakih, or the historic Lake Batur. Bali has something to offer to everyone - your partner, or family. If you are looking for a truly unforgettable holiday experience, you will find many sensations in your beautiful city of Bali, and Karental.ID - Car Rental Bali will take you there!


There are many exciting things to do in Bali. Karental.ID offers the best Karental experience available. If you haven’t experienced the Karental.ID then you haven’t truly seen Bali. Whether you want to visit the iconic Pura Tanah Lot, take serene streets in the world most beautiful island, get a selfie with your bestie in front of the pristine beach of your favorite travel vlogger, or take off on an epic, scenic 49-mile drive, Karental.ID is there for you.

Do you want a short, 12 hours package tour with driver? We have you covered! Do you want to spend all day seeing what Bali has to offer? You’re in luck too because Karental.ID lets you choose not just what sites you’ll see!

When you choose this truly unique way to see the Island, you can stop whenever you want and you can blow by attractions as quickly as you want. Get the advantages of group travel without having to stop and wait for a boring tour guide. Stop for photos whenever you want, grab some delicious Bali local culinary, or take a coffee break in the middle of the day.

Everyone loves Karental.ID. Find out for yourself and explore Bali to fullest


If you rent a car in Bali, we can pick up and take you to the location you want. No need to bother, no need to come - fast and easy.


Karental.ID offers fantastic deals for car rentals with a 12 hour package. Karental.ID is ready to help you we have great deals from various models of our car rental car in Bali.


Need to travel with ultimate freedom in Bali? Ask our Travel Expert directly to help with your car rental needs in Bali right now.

"My favorite place in Indonesia is Bali"

~ Joe Taslim


Packages listed below start from the city of Bali, which includes customized travel packages such as packages with drivers and key-off packages for 24 hours !. The car rental package is customized by our travel experts who consider all kinds of tourist needs.

Drop off & Pickup Package

Included gasoline and driver

Excluded entrance and parking fee

Overtime 10% per hours

12 Hours Package

Included gasoline and driver

Excluded entrance and parking fee

Overtime 10% per hours

24 Hours Package

Free Delivery & Pickup

Excluded gasoline and driver

Overtime 10% per hours


Bali is the center of tourism in Indonesia. In addition to the beautiful culture and nature of Bali has a variety of attractions that must be visited. If you are planning to spend holiday time in Bali, do not forget to make itinerary your trip first. Here are some Bali attractions that you can input into the itinerary

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