Alternative Public Transportation in Jakarta

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Transportasi di Jakarta

Traffic jam becomes one of the thorny issues in every metropolis in the world. Similarly, it also happens in Jakarta which is a capital city of Indonesia. However, in order to reduce the traffic jam, the Government of Jakarta continuously attempts to provide a variety of public transports. Besides reducing the traffic jam, the availability of complete public transports will ease the tourist, either local or foreigner, to visit some places in Jakarta. The following lists are some alternative public transports in Jakarta:

  1. TransJakarta / Busway

TransJakarta, commonly known as Busway, is the first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in South East Asia. The system of TransJakarta is designed similar to Trans Milenio which succeed in Bogota, Columbia. TransJakarta has the length of route up to 208 kilometers with 228 bus-stops spread across 12 different corridors. TransJakarta bus also has a special line that makes it free of the traffic jam. Almost all of the important places in Jakarta is passed by the Transjakarta. Indeed, some bus stops are located close to the tourist attractions and other public places.

To take the TransJakarta bus, you just pay IDR 3500 to go anywhere. You can transit from one corridor to another corridor without paying an additional charge. But, the payment system of Transjakarta uses electronics money (e-money) in the form of a reloadable card. If you don’t have the card, you can buy it directly from the nearest bus stop for IDR 50000. The card includes a balance of IDR 30000. To get on the bus, you just tap the card on entrance gate at the bus stop, then heading to the right corridor queue according to your destination.

Transjakarta articulated busses at Harmoni Central Busway, Central Jakarta, Indonesia.

  1. KRL Commuter Line Jabodetabek

Actually, KRL doesn’t only become the public transport in Jakarta, but also connect other cities around Jakarta. Especially the Jabodetabek area that covers Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi. KRL Commuter Line is mostly used by people who work in Jakarta but stay outside Jakarta. They would prefer to commute using KRL rather than bus, car, or motorcycle because of its velocity.

Same as TransJakarta, the payment system of KRL uses e-money and e-ticketing. At every station, there are vending machines that automatically serve the ticket sales (e-ticketing). You just touch the destination station on the screen and then put the money in the provided slot. In addition, you can also pay using e-money card. So, if you have e-money card, you can pay KRL dan TransJakarta at once.

  1. MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)

Mass Rapid Transit or MRT Jakarta is a rapid transportation system that is still in the process of construction in Jakarta. The MRT project has been started since 2013 and planned to finish in 2018. According to the plan, the first phase will construct the north corridor and south corridor that connects Kampung Bandan and Lebak Bulus. While the east corridor and west corridor, which is still in the research phase, will be constructed afterward.

after the construction is completed, MRT is expected to be able to reduce the overload passengers from other transportation. Furthermore, some MRT stations are also connected to KRL stations and TransJakarta bus stops.

  1. Bus Kota dan Angkutan Kota

The city bus and city transport (angkot) become other alternative public transportations that you can choose when visiting Jakarta. There is a variety of city buses like Kopaja, Metromini, Mayasari Bakti, Damri, KWK, and much more. Each bus and angkot have different routes. The routes are differentiated by its number and code. So, please know in advance the right route before taking the bus. Do not let yourself taking the wrong number or code. You should ask the driver or conductor about the route passed by the bus.

  1. Taxi

From Soekarno Hatta International Airport, you can get in the taxi heading to Jakarta. A lot of taxis are spread across the road of Jakarta. The taxi driver can drive you to go anywhere in Jakarta. The taxi in Indonesia usually uses sedan that can only accommodate 3 to 4 passengers. The taxi indeed gives you the convenience, but the fare is quite expensive. Particularly when you are stuck in traffic jam, then the fare will be more expensive.

  1. Online Transportation

The rapid internet development gives the benefit for public transportation. Because of the internet, coming up an online transportation system. Some of the online transportations in Jakarta are Go-Jek, Grab, and Uber. They provide online ojek, online taxi, and online car rental. You can order the online transportation through the smartphone applications, then the driver will pick you up in front of the house.

The existence of online transportation indeed help the tourists who don’t know Jakarta at all. The driver will drive you to the destinations according to a predetermined location. You can also check the maps whether or not they drive you to the right place. Moreover, the fare is really cheap, but you don’t have to jostle like other public transportations.

  1. Car Rental

The last transportation option is car rental which Karental.ID provided. A lot of car rentals are available in Jakarta. Even, some of the car rentals can be booked online via the website. You can book a car for 6 hours duration or 12 hours duration. If you can’t drive and don’t know the way, then you can also book a driver at once. The owner usually provides a driver who can drive you around Jakarta visiting all tourist attractions. The rented cars are also very diverse like MPV, SUV, and mini bus.

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